About Alena Kogan


My name is Alena Kogan I am a contemporary artist. Now, I am mostly working on installations and public art projects which are located in the different countries. Nevertheless, there are other projects of mine as ceramics, metals, glass and canvas. 

The ideas of my project are built on the admiration of how our amazing World works, of its ephemeral material structure called Life. I usually find inspiration in the different spheres of life like nature, the inner world of man, science works, ancient legends, contemporary art, original cultures, and from the infinity of macro- and microcosm. 

My work is my personal dialogue with the Universe, my thoughts and feelings materialized in the world of things. For me, thoughts of the history of Earth, of how the World works, of human relationships beget visual ideas and images, which require being embodied in various compositions and materials. That’s why my portfolio contains diverse items such as graphics, porcelain painting, ceramic and metallic objects and tape sculptures.

I use different materials in my work. In my opinion, the material is just a way of aesthetic expression, you can use virtually anything. Of course, the material needs to be treated with respect, you have to know its features in order to be able to use it to express your artistic idea. I have practical experience with a very wide range of materials, both traditional ones, like porcelain, glass, metals, paper, canvas, oil, as well as contemporary ones, like tape, stretch film, and fiberglass.

In short, I can introduce myself as follows: I’m interested in spaces and surfaces, penetrating and reflected light; small exhibitions and global projects; combinations of various materials and original techniques; ceramics and metals; glass and canvas; classic and contemporary artistic expression; reality and fantasy; realism and associations. I’m passionate about life as I see it. I’m eager to find beauty in nature, in a picture, in an artistic object. I’m interested in Image.



Artist Alena Kogan was born in Gorkiy city.


1982–1987: student of the Gorkovskiy State University, department of Applied Mathematics, was taught by Professor Y.I.Neimark, a world renowned scientist.

1989–1991: studied at several private art studios of Saint Petersburg.

1991–1997: studied at Mukhina Art and Industry Academy, department of Ceramics and Glass.

2010–2015: associate Professor at St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts


1998: became a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation.

2014: became a member of Saint-Petersburg Artists Union IFA.


She lives and works in St. Petersburg. Russia


Participation in exhibitions:


In 2016 and 2015  I made several large-scale works for exhibitions and OpenAir projects. The transfer from a small scale to a space-filling scale is a very exciting process. I observe changes in the work and in the viewer. The view on the work becomes a completely new one.


Falling Icarus - Moon boat - Sailling wing - Sea shell - Spindle Galaxy - Cloud storgae and others.


2015  "The dotted line», IFA, (St.Petersburg)

   "Wings" street action, (St.Petersburg)

   "Around the World", the Museum of City Sculpture .(St.Petersburg)

   "The Art of production /The  production of art", curator Bertrand Gosselin, Street Art  Museum,(St.Petersburg)


2014 "Saint-Petersburg stained glass" Radishchev State Art Museum (Saratov)

   Second Independent International Triennial of Graphics, the Union of Artists of Russia, (St. Petersburg)

  "Painting of the Artists of St. Petersburg" the Union of Artists of Russia (St.Petersburg)

  "Compatriots" (Moscow)

  "Greek salad", Museum of City Sculpture, Workshop Anikushina (St.Petersburg)

          "The work of the year 2014", halls IFA, (St.Petersburg)


2013 "Petersburg. Last exhibition", St. Petersburg, Manege

   "Old Flame", St. Petersburg, Anna Akhmatova Museum

   Spring exhibition in the halls of the Artists Union of Russia (St.Petersburg)

   "Born to fly and crawl", St. Petersburg, The State Russian Museum.

   "Ceramics and glass on the grass." Yelagin Palace (St. Petersburg)

   "Saint-Petersburg stained glass" Yelagin Palace (St. Petersburg)


2012  Spring exhibition in the halls of the Russian Union of Artists

   Winner of the contest "Women in Art", Moscow Union of Artists, gallery "Iris"

   "Day of the Hermitage cat" Hermitage (St. Petersburg)

   "Ceramics and glass on the grass." Yelagin Palace (St. Petersburg)

   Anniversary Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia, Manege, St. Petersburg

   "The Raft of the Arts", St. Petersburg, creative association Ozerki

   Autumn Exhibition halls of the Union of Artists of Russia (St.Petersburg)


2011 Spring exhibition in the halls of the Artists Union of Russia (St.Petersburg)

  "Ceramics and glass on the grass." Yelagin Palace (St. Petersburg)

  "Space inside and outside," Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia

  Autumn exhibition halls of the Union of Artists of Russia (St.Petersburg)

  "Petersburg", St. Petersburg, Manege


2010 "Ceramics in landscape", Yelagin Palace (St. Petersburg)

   Autumn exhibition halls of the Union of Artists of Russia (St.Petersburg)

2009 «Ceramics and glass on the grass," Yelagin Palace (St. Petersburg)

2004-2009 shows in galleries in France and Germany

2004 "Windows" (Erfurt, Berlin), Germany

2003 "The Night before Christmas", CEH, the Arena (St. Petersburg)

           Petersburger dialoge, gallery Raissa (Erfurt), Germany

2002 Handwerksmesse in Leipzig (Leipzig), Germany

2001 "The Night before Christmas", CEH, the Arena (St. Petersburg)

2000 Personal exhibition at the "Borey" gallery (St. Petersburg)

  "Crossroads", RosIZO Gallery (Moscow)

  "Young Artists of St. Petersburg", Exhibition Hall "Ohta" (St. Petersburg)

1999 "Moscow - St. Petersburg", Central Exhibition Hall (Moscow)

1998 Festival "Master Class" (St. Petersburg)

1997 Grant in competition "Muses of St. Petersburg"

1995 II Biennial of Art, Central Exhibition Hall (St. Petersburg)

1994 Exhibition of works by young artists, the Museum of Ethnography (St. Petersburg)

1992 Regular exhibitions in the halls of the Union of Artists of Russia (St. Petersburg)