about Me

My name is Alena Kogan

I am an artist from St. Petersburg


The basis of my work is built on admiration of how our amazing World works, of its ephemeral material structure called Life. My inspiration comes from the world of nature, the inner world of man, science works and ancient legends, contemporary art and original cultures, and from the infinity of macro- and microcosm. My work is my personal dialogue with the Universe, my thoughts and feelings materialized in the world of things. For me thoughts of the history of Earth, of how the World works, of human relationships beget visual ideas and images, which require to be embodied in various compositions and materials. That’s why my portfolio contains diverse items such as graphics, porcelain painting, ceramic and metallic objects and tape sculptures.


I use different materials in my work. I cannot even name my favorite one, depending on the situation it can be for example iron, or porcelain, or canvas. In my opinion the material is just a way of aesthetic expression, you can use virtually anything. Of course the material needs to be treated with respect, you have to know its features in order to be able to use it to express your artistic idea. I have practical experience with a very wide range of materials, both traditional ones, like porcelain, glass, metals, paper, canvas, oil, as well as contemporary ones, like tape, stretch film, and fiberglass.


In short I can introduce myself as follows: I’m interested in spaces and surfaces, penetrating and reflected light; small exhibitions and global projects; combinations of various materials and original techniques; ceramics and metals; glass and canvas; classic and contemporary artistic expression; reality and fantasy; realism and associations.


I’m passionate about life as I see it. I’m eager to find beauty in nature, in a picture, in an artistic object. I’m interested in Image.