Lovets skrep

Theme of the event: a contemporary art fair SamFair at the Street Art Museum 

Chosen space: portal-entrance to the  museum space built from eleven 40ft transport containers. 


A giant silver net that occupies almost all the space attracts the spectator’s attention from few hundreds meters from the museum entrance. The impression is strenghten as you approach. The construction of the space composition is accompagnied by a translated from the reproductors text and together they create the impression of a coded message. When entering the museum, every visitor spends about 5-7 minutes by the cash desk and during this period the text is repeated two or three times. The composition of the text has two main lines. One is more realistic and is composed from formal phrases, standart semantically devaluated governmental calls to the well-being. The other, irrealistic, theme is a descriptive image of national tothem. Composed, these text fragments from both lines with common structure create a surrealistic feeling. When the majority of the visitors heads backwards, one by one several performers enter the installation space one. First with the soundtrack and then without it, they read the same text for 52 minutes, in the drum rhythm. They switch from one paragraphe to another, they make pauses and repeat and so the semantic perception of formal calls to the prosperity becomes abolutely absurd.