Project description.

The event : Open-air feestival « Night of light in Gatchina » 2017 

Theme of the event: Dreams 

Chosen space: Rectangular basin 50x36 sq. m, 6 m. deep 

Duration of the perofrmance: 5 hours 

Size of the installation: 60x40x10m 

There is a historical fact in the dramaturgical base of the conception. It was the only meeting between Daniil Kharms and Kazimir Malevich, during which Kharms got Malevich’s book with a valediction “Go and stop the progress”. 


In this basin Kazimir Malevich and Daniil Kharms are trying to formulate their attitude towards the postmodern consumerist society in the comedy del arte style. 

In the parallel, performers-operators of the space are constructing a giant plastic structure by passing through the pond from one bank to another in their own temporary rhythm. During the performance this net hiddens almost entirely the action in the basin from the spectator.