Scheme of birth of a new world

Revolution that is harmony of form and color. Everything moves and stays in place at the same time. It obeys a law: its name is life. Frida Kahlo

The overarching idea: a homogeneous material, which is differently colored and structured, initiates a conflict.

The colors of my revolution are: black, red and white.

Black stands for the darkness of the unknown, the night, the birth.

White stands for the passive statics and the dynamics of the surface captured in itself.

Red stands for beauty and aggression.

The surface consists of differently oriented, silvery lines arranged at an angle, cutting the black space. I was interested in the idea of the emergence of a revolutionary situation. The strained, silvery-white lines create a chaotic surface, something like a net or a plane. Like the lifelines of each of us, with different destinies in a temporal space. The white network fills the entire room. It is solid and fragile at the same time. It is like white noise: each line has its own informative channel. In the end, however, there is chaos. The same material, but differently colored, bundled in one direction, accelerated by light, creates a hard form - a wedge. This wedge breaks into the mesh and pierces them. As the wedge continues to move, the network is destroyed. The idea of creation is not integrated with the concept of revolution. Revolution is destruction. A wedge slammed into an existing order that breaks habitual ideas and stable connections. But it is not a chaotic energy of total destruction. It is a purposeful stroke, with the ideological goal of creating a new world. There is a hypothetical future that subordinates the entire ideological schema of the revolutionary process. This future does not necessarily have to occur in the projected form. But their reflection in the free space is precisely what inspires and the revolutionary forces.